Better Your Life Through Mental Visualization & Positive Thinking

One of the secrets to enjoying life is positive thinking and the ability to utilize mental visual imagery. Our behavior is governed by images of achievement and without these images we cannot mobilize and motivate ourselves to achieve our goals. The power of mental visualization can harness a flood of sensory visual images to reinforce an intellectually formulated plan that will release an unlimited source of enthusiasm to apply towards achieving your goals. When your imagination is harnessed and focused on the benefits and rewards of success, the fires of motivation are lit along with the self-discipline and sacrifice to achieve your goals. The power of mental visualization should not be taken for granted.

Dr. Carl Pribrom, chief neuro-surgeon and psychologist at Sanford University, believes images have power over your body and mind. The eminent Dr. Pribrom has scientifically demonstrated that visual images enriched with rich sensory details of sound, touch, taste, smell and fired with emotion, produce measurable electro-magnetic energy levels. Thus, there is an actual electrical and chemical reaction in the brain as a direct result of visual imagery. Dr. Pribrom further points out that whenever we create an electro-magnetic energy field we simultaneously produce a magnetic force field, or attraction-force, drawing what we have visualized closer to reality. Through Dr. Pribrom’s work, we now have a scientific basis to believe that what we vividly imagine will be attracted to us. What we sense with purpose, power, and emotion will create a magnetic force-field that will turn our realistic dreams into reality. We can become and create that which we choose to visualize. We can create our own destinies by the thoughts and concerns of our mind.

That is why it is of critical importance to always have a positive mental attitude. It will not only help your future but also your health. Over 70% of people who visit doctors do so because of emotional stress inhibiting the body’s immune system which makes antibodies which in turn fight germs and produce hormones which cause elated feelings. Your body will express what the mind harbors. Situations which arouse fear and anxiety suppress antibody production and production of hormones which have a role in your emotional well-being. That is why, when we are tired, run down, or depressed, we are most susceptible to illness, due to the lack of production of these antibodies. Our thoughts can either make us sick or release natural hormones called endorphins which cause elation and enhance production of antibodies which contribute to good health. Consider the indomitable will power and positive thinking of the late Norman Cousins who was diagnosed with incurable cancer. He was strong willed and recognized the importance of positive feelings and their effects on the body’s immune system. He mustered all his strength to think the best of thoughts and visualize his good health. His endorphin and antibody levels tremendously increased and he cured himself to the scientific establishment’s amazement.

I wrote an article entitled, “The Power of the Mind,” which was published in the Millionaire’s Manual, Summer 1986 edition. The editor, Bob White, said he published it because following the principles that I outlined, he too cured himself of what doctors said was incurable cancer.

The power of the mind and visual imagery can be further understood by simply thinking how when we are hungry and think about our favorite food, our mouths begin to water; or when we hear fantastic news, a rush of good feelings envelops us; or when we hear horrible news, we feel a gut ripping sensation in the pit of our stomachs.

Remember that every great work and discovery first existed in someone’s mind as a vivid image. Every act and deed that has enabled man to excel and achieve success was first born in someone’s mind.

Make no doubt about it, intense positive thinking and visual imagery can change your life. The ability to translate one’s hope and aspirations into positive sensory-rich images is the cutting edge which separates the high achiever from the run-of-the-mill everyday person. THE SUSTAINED INTENSITY OF YOUR POSITIVE THOUGHTS AND DETAILED MENTAL VISUALIZATION WILL CREATE A POWERFUL ATTRACTION FORCE DRAWING YOU TO WHAT YOU VISUALIZE AND THINK ABOUT MOST. YOU CAN BE YOUR OWN FORTUNE TELLER BY VISUALIZING, CONTROLLING, AND DIRECTING INTO POSITIVE ACTION, THE THOUGHTS AND CONCERNS OF YOUR MIND!

Opportunities are often disguised by hard work which is why most people don’t encounter them.

Don’t despair when facing adversity. Did you know the Chinese word for “Crisis” is the same as that for opportunity.

No person can sincerely try to help another without helping him or herself.