Important Factor in Determining Happiness and Success!

Perhaps the most important factor in determining ones happiness and success is the way one thinks: nothing is either good or bad, but thinking makes it so! We can be as happy or as sad as we make our minds up to be! We can be our own fortune tellers by the way we think!

Being an optimist and positive thinker can not only make one happy and more successful, but also healthier. It’s a scientific proven fact that positive, uplifting thoughts produce endorphins in your body which increase the production of anti-bodies, which combat sickness and ill health!Optimist- Optimists think about what they want and develop a plan of action on how to get it. Optimists think about where they are going all the time and stay the course to get there. The very idea of thinking about what they want and moving to action to get there makes them feel good about themselves and happy inside. It increases their energy and releases their creativity. It motivates and stimulates them to perform at higher levels. Optimists know they can never fail unless they quit!

Optimists live their lives knowing that life is short….that they will only live once…..there are no second chances… do overs….each day that passes will never come again…..they savoir the gift of life, enjoying each day like a fine wine, by refusing to infect their minds with negative thoughts or allowing negative people to try “infect” them….while most people dream of and never get what they want, optimists turn their dreams into reality by their positive thoughts and expectations…..and most importantly, carefully planned actions to make what they seek happen…….each day that optimists wake up above ground in good health is a great day!

Pessimist- They think and talk about what they don’t want most of the time. They think about the people they don’t like, the problems that they are having, or have had in the past, and especially, they think about who is to blame for their particular situation. And the more they think about the things they don’t want and who to blame for their problems, the more negative and angry they become. The more negative they become, the faster they attract into their lives exactly those things that they do not want to happen.

Being an optimist is the corner stone of positive thinking. Are you an optimist or pessimist? The choice is yours and so is your destiny!