Think Positive

It Isn’t Easy, But You Can Do It If You Try!

If it appears that being positive is more difficult than being negative, that impression may have a sound basis in fact. According to studies conducted by psychologists at Stanford University and the University of Berkeley, California, negative words and impressions grab our attention easier. (Perhaps, that’s why our news media primarily concentrates on negative news to sell its products). Our mental thoughts, the psychologists say, are naturally biased to give less attention to the positive and more attention to the negative.

That’s why we must nip negative thoughts the minute they occur. Just as an unchecked computer virus will eventually consume the memory of a computer and render it useless, an unchecked negative mental attitude (NMA) will eventually suffocate positive thinking in our human computers.

It is unfortunate, but true, that we are surrounded by negative influences. To counter them, we must starve the negative and feed the positive. It is an endless, constant struggle, and the dog that will win will be the one that gets fed.

When we experience those negative moments that every one of us has from time to time, we must dig deep within ourselves to summon up the courage and strength to persevere. We must concentrate on positive thoughts and feelings so they always win out in the struggle between a PMA and NMA.

One method I use to overcome any negative thoughts that may try to come to mind, is to imagine the negative thoughts as an evil, ugly, disgusting devil, while simultaneously imagining an angelic knight in beautiful shinning armor with a gleaming sword in a raised hand, coming down and chopping the devil’s head off. Then picture the knight with the devil’s head in it’s raised hand, standing triumphantly with a broad beaming smile.

Upon completion of this mental visual imagery, negative thoughts are usually exorcised. If not, I go into “battle” again, repeating the visual imagery in my mind over and over again until Im smiling with the triumphant knight. You will find this mental exercise to be “medicine” for your mind. (In fact, use it when you are feeling ill, imagining the devil as the cause of your illness–it will help you get better faster!)

The next time negative thoughts have the audacity to enter your mind, call out your “army” and vanquish the evil invaders!

The more we learn about how to be positive, productive, happy people, the better we are at being positive, productive and happy.

One of life’s great joys is simply striving to improve ourselves.

We were all put on the earth to enjoy life to its fullest. We should never let negative thoughts get the better of us!