Live Longer and Feel Better


Clara Barton, the founder of the nursing profession was known to have an upbeat personality and never held a grudge against anyone. One time, a friend recalled a cruel thing that had happened to her; but Clara seemed not to remember the incident. “Don’t you remember the wrong that was done to you?” the friend asked. “No,” Clara answered calmly, “I distinctly remember forgetting that.”

Good old Clara tried never to let anything “eat into here.” She must have known that vengeance, anger, hatred, and jealousy were “viruses” that drain a person of their energy, creativity, and good health!

These negative emotions are “viruses” that cause a person to become upset. When you are upset, its a proven scientific fact that the anti-body and endorphin levels in your bloodstream decrease. Anti-bodies fight infection in the body and are a vital part of the development of the body’s natural immune system. Endorphins are a chemical substance made of proteins and produced in the pituitary gland of the brain. Endorphins, particularly one called enkephalin, act as the body’s natural pain killer, both physical and emotional. Endorphin levels exert a profound effect on a persons moods and prevent the immune system from being weakened.

The happier and more positive a person, the higher are their anti-body and endorphin levels. The more upset and negative a person, the lower are their anti-body and endorphin levels.

Thus, your body will express what your mind harbors through a chemical reaction in your brain: Thoughts which arouse vengeance, anger, hatred, and jealousy are “viruses” which decrease your body’s production of antibodies and endorphins which have a role in your emotional and physical well being. Our thoughts can either make us sick or promote our good health. That is why, when we are tired, run down, or depressed from these “viruses,” we are more susceptible to actual physical illness.

If you really think about it, when you let one of the “viruses” infect you, you are only hurting yourself and not the person who caused the “virus!”

At this point, if there is anyone who still doesn’t believe that your thoughts can physically effect your body, try thinking of your favorite food when you are very hungry and feel your mouth begin to water or think of the funniest thing that ever happened to you and feel your smile from ear to ear.

How can you ward off vengeance, anger, hatred, and jealousy? Next time one of these “viruses” tries to infect you, try saying to yourself, “SO WHAT, BIG DEAL, WHAT OF IT, NOTHING IS WORTH GETTING ME UPSET, I FEEL TERRIFIC.” Keep on repeating these words to yourself, ten or ten thousand times until you feel the power from within you expelling the “virus.” You will soon feel a glowing inner feeling of satisfaction and pride for “keeping your cool.” Then, as Clara Barton did, forget about the event that led to the “virus” by occupying your mind with positive productive thoughts.

Living well and being happy is the best revenge. Life is too short to do otherwise.

Remember, nothing can get you upset without your permission. You become what you think about most.

Control your negative emotions, purge them from your mind and you will live longer, be happier, and feel better!

Direct your thoughts, control your emotions, and you will ordain your destiny.

Drown out the negative voices in your mind those voices that hold you back, stifle your creativity, and destroy your future. Program your mind daily with positive words you want to believe!